Who is GJNV?

Who we are: Gender Justice Nevada is a statewide advocacy and anti-violence organization. We champion the healing, dignity, and justice of sex/gender diverse communities such as trans, intersex, lesbian and gay persons. We are a multi-racial group established in 2011 by sex/gender diverse persons to provide direct services, education and policy advocacy addressing the identities and issues faced by Nevada’s sex/gender diverse communities.

Mission: Gender Justice Nevada is dedicated to an intersectional approach to changing law, policy, and attitudes so that all Nevadans can live safely, authentically and free from fear, violence and mistreatment regardless of their sex/gender identity or expression.

Vision: We envision a future where self-determination is a fundamental right of all Nevadans and where authentic gender identity and expression and sexual orientation are seen as matters of common human dignity. We believe such changes are necessary to liberate us all from oppression.

We seek to return to who we were before others forced us to be what they wanted us to be.

Values That Drive Our Work:

Intersectionality: We recognize that no one person is just one identity. For this reason we strive to center the needs and experiences of the most marginalized members of our communities as well as strive for partnerships and shared efforts with other progressive movements that have traditionally been isolated. We do our best to bring about change in a variety of ways while working in concert with others to help ensure intersectional needs are met.

Accountability: We believe in community accountability and with this consciousness tirelessly strive to be transparent within our communities. We do our best to offer open meetings, community listening sessions and newsletters. These engagements highlight our efforts and accomplishments as well as socially relevant community stories so that we stay accountable for what we do. We welcome constructive feedback. We respect the power of vulnerability in all that we do.

Liberation: We are committed to the pursuit of the liberation for all oppressed persons in our state and beyond. We understand that equality and policy are never enough to create lasting and meaningful growth which nurtures thriving communities where persons live freely and authentically. We engage in creative change at all levels: Individual, Interpersonal, Cultural, Institutional and Systemic.