The “Q” word

The word “Queer” is a controversial word even within the LGBTQ+ community. For a lot of the older generations of the community, it is a word that is nothing but a slur and shouldn’t be used. For those that are of the younger generations, have taken back the word and wear it like a badge of armor. Its also a word that allows us to talk about the other aspects of the community that isn’t Gender-specific; it’s more focused on the sexual and romantic aspect of the community. 

“9 LGBTQ+ People Explain How They Love, Hate, And Understand The Word “Queer”” – Here is an interesting article on different perspectives on the politics of the word “Queer”. Figure out where you stand and use the word accordingly to how you want to use it. 

Romantic and sexual interests have been a hot button over the years in history; although it feels like Trans rights have been the primary focus in the last decade or so, those who aren’t Heterosexual also have a strong history in fighting for equality within society as well even in today’s society. 


Just like in the Trans world, there is a lot of vocabulary that can make navigating through research material that can be confusing if you don’t know the lingo. 

Here are some examples:

Heterosexual – A person who is sexually and romantically interested in someone of “the opposite gender”. 

Cis-Gendered – A person who identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth.

CisHet– This is a common term used in LGBTQ+ spaces that is a sort of abbreviation of “Cis-Gendered Heterosexual”. Pretty much is a combination of the two previous definitions. 


Although this is a common phrase to use, the definition of it can be a little contradictory to the idea that gender isn’t an A or B society, gender is a spectrum with no opposites which makes the terms a little confusing. Then you hear people who consider this definition the “normal” or “Standard” identities of gender and sexuality which of course is also not true.  

Here are some articles that you can read over and get an idea of the various identities that can help you pinpoint the direction you may want to follow for your identity journey. 

“Sexual and Romantic Identities” – basic terminology with fairly adequate definitions although there are a lot of debates over some of the words including “Bisexual”.

“Sexual Orientation vs. Romantic Orientation” – More of a scholarly explanation of Sexual vs Romantic orientation; pretty much explaining the difference between the two. 

“Here’s What It Means When Your Romantic and Sexual Orientations Are Different” – Article on the difference of Sexual vs romantic orientation and WHY it matters for a lot of people to have labels for those feelings. 

“On Romantic Orientation” – Blog post on strictly romantic orientation and the variations of it. 

“Crash Course: Sexual And Romantic Orientations” – Article focused more on defining sexual orientation identities but also explains the romantic counterparts as well. 


There are plenty of sources that have already been posted under the “Am I LGBTQ+?” link that would seem redundant if linked onto this page as well; so go check out that page for more websites, groups, organizations, etc. 

Although there is plenty to talk about with this subject; they will be focused on the Blog portion of this website that will be added to in the near future.