Earl C. Saulter IV

Secretary | He\Him

Gender Justice Nevada | Board Secretary since 2020

Earl C. Saulter IV has previously worked with the LGBTQ+ Center of Southern Nevada’s extension of the Mpowerment Project, providing outreach to young people who may be impacted by HIV \ AIDS by promoting safe sex. His non-profit work is an extension of his belief in education and justice for queer & trans individuals and the need for greater intersectional and diversity in advocacy.

Earl is looking to bring greater diversity and inclusion to Gender Justice of Nevada by providing a fresh outlook and passion for social justice. He believes education is the key to elevating the lives of members of the Las Vegas LGBTQ+ community. He is also a writer who is working on his first book of poetry.

“Justice is a contract of expediency, entered upon to prevent men harming or being harmed.”

– Epicurus