We seek to lead beyond binaries, beyond assimilation, even beyond equality to subvert existing social systems and institutions. Thirsting for justice and railing against oppression connects our actions and desires to others who press for a return to sustainable ecological and economic balance, and to the elimination of sick systems of cultural beliefs such as white supremacy and anthropocentrism. We challenge the dissociated Western culture belief in “progress” and recognize that if we do things the same way, we can only come to the same conclusions. We choose the radical paths of love and respect and trust and honesty and risk taking, and we honor that while there is no one “right” way, we cannot fail if we forge healthy relationships together.
  • We act with the awareness that we do not need to assimilate into the larger culture in order to be “successful”
  • We affirm that we are leaders with gifts to share
  • All services are always available at no cost
  • We encourage sex/gender diverse persons and persons of color and differently-abled persons and economically disadvantaged persons and older and younger persons and “sick” and “uneducated” persons to take leadership roles
  • We strive to offer requested support for persons needing skills development
  • We support persons from diverse backgrounds to speak truth to power in public hearings, meetings with public officials and with media
  • We honor the vibrant lived experiences of ALL persons
  • We recognize that talent and leadership are nurtured and developed in many contexts, not just in formal educational/workplace settings
  • We challenge “white mind” consciousness that posits that linearity and analysis and exploitation and competition and hierarchies are necessary and normal and healthy
  • Our board, employees and volunteers have included persons from diverse backgrounds including racial/ethnic ancestry (including black/African American, Native American, Latin@/Chican@, Arab/Middle Eastern, Asian/Pacific Islander and European/Caucasian), age (from teenage persons to persons in their 50s), sexual orientation (polyamorous, asexual, kink, bisexual, pansexual, straight persons), sex/gender identity/expression (intersex, trans, transgender, queer, cisgender, agender, sex/gender fluid, multigender persons), ability (persons with chronic diseases and/or physical disabilities)
  • In our gatherings, hierarchies are very loosely defined and space is freely shared (all persons are welcome, and all voices are considered and supported, and decisions are consensus-driven)
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