Transgender Rights & Advocacy We Need Your Support
Transgender Rights & Advocacy
Improving Quality Of Life For Trans & Gender Non-Conforming Nevadians.
We Need Your Support
Gender Justice Nevada is dedicated to an intersectional approach to changing law, policy, and attitudes so that all Nevadans can live safely, & authentically.


Gender Justice Nevada is dedicated to an intersectional approach to changing law, policy, and attitudes so that all Nevadans can live safely, authentically and free from fear, violence and mistreatment regardless of their sex/gender identity or expression. We are committed to the pursuit of the liberation for all oppressed persons in our state and beyond. 


We envision a future where self-determination is a fundamental right of all Nevadans and where authentic gender identity, expression, and sexual orientation are seen as matters of common human dignity. We believe such changes are necessary to liberate all from oppression. We seek to return to who we were before others forced us to be what they wanted us to be.


No person is just one identity. We strive to center the needs and experiences of the most marginalized members of our communities as well as work for partnerships and shared efforts with  tradtioinally isolated progressive movements  We  bring about change in a variety of ways while working in concert with others to help ensure intersectional needs are met.


We tirelessly strive to be transparent within our communities. We offer open meetings, community listening sessions and newsletters. These engagements highlight our efforts and accomplishments as well as socially relevant community stories so that we stay accountable for what we do. We welcome constructive feedback. We respect the power of vulnerability.

Covid Policy

Due to the statewide quarantine, our office location will be closed. 

If you would like to contact us directly feel free to email us at

Follow us on our  Facebook Page for more information about online meetings or events we will be holding. 


During these hard times, we must stand strong together for a stronger tomorrow.

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From Anti-Violence to Nevada State Advocacy We Provide Education, Resources, and Help.

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Gender Touches Everyone in Politics and Media. Together We Can Fight For Equality.

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Fighting For Equal Rights Since 2011.

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We Engage in Change at All Levels: Individual, Interpersonal, Cultural, Institutional & Systemic.

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Queer Anti-Violence Project of Sothern Nevada.


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