Live Stream about Intersex Persons, Communities & the Law

Intersex Persons, Communities & the Law
Streamed here live:!! Saturday 9 June 1230p-230p!!
THANK YOU to our Good Friends at BattleBorn Progress!!
We at GJNV are beyond proud to gather together this truly all-star panel advocating for intersex families and communities. We welcome world renowned intersex activist and clinical sexologist Tiger Devore, author and UNLV Professor Georgiann Davis, US Army veteran and UNLV masters candidate Kristine Hunter and UNLV graduate student John Benedict to discuss their lived experiences of being intersex in a binary world.
Moderated by GJNV Director jane heenan, discussion will also include our ongoing legislative efforts to end harmful and medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex infants and their families. We have been strategising since 2014, and in 2017 we successfully introduced SB408 which passed the Senate. Beyond direct troubles caused by unnecessary surgeries, families are commonly not given sufficient or accurate information about options which often leads to a lifetime of surgeries, family secrets and hidden shame.
We are dedicated at GJNV to ending violence particularly among families and communities awake to their sex/gender diversity. Ending
violence perpetrated against intersex families and communities represents is an integral and ongoing part of these efforts.
An estimated 1.7 percent of persons are born with intersex characteristics. Such persons have genitals, reproductive organs, hormones, and/or chromosomal patterns that do not fit White Modern Western narratives of how bodies should be shaped or how they should function. As a result of their refusal to conform to these dominant narratives, they are subject to egregious human rights abuses including nonconsensual, medically unnecessary and mutilating surgeries.
While our current focus legislatively is on ending harmful unnecessary surgical violence visited on infants and their families, such abuse can happen anytime in someone’s life as persons come to learn at different times about how medical professionals’ labeling of them as a “boy” or “girl” at birth didn’t recognize their actual lived experience. Fear and shame brought on by the secrecy commonly encouraged by “experts” – who almost always remain above reproach in the United States and in most places in the world – can cripple family dynamics and shatter other established social supports.
We encourage you to join us this Saturday not just to learn more about others but to learn more about yourself and your world. We are all diverse in sex/gender contexts. We are all harmed by being labeled at birth and unconsciously conforming to societal expectations about how to be a “real man” or “real woman.” And we can tell healthier stories about how to be together. Together we can end this violence. #StopLabelingBabies