The Gender Justice Nevada Family & Youth Services Project serves some of the most vulnerable persons in our community, our youth. We strive to provide young persons with the resources and support that they need as they move through their journey towards living more authentic lives. We understand that support begins at home, and we endeavor to create space for families to learn and grow in their own parallel journeys in support of their children or loved ones.

Family/Individual Counseling
No-cost counseling to sex/gender diverse young persons and their families

Therapeutic groups
Weekly therapeutic support groups, one for sex/gender diverse youth and one for parents and family members.

Social events
Monthly social events for sex/gender diverse persons and their families, providing an opportunity for folks to make connections in a safe and supportive non-therapeutic environment.

Medical Advocacy
Information on medical options, referrals and patient advocacy

School advocacy
We work directly with you and your child’s school to ensure:
• The school will update infinite campus with the student’s chosen name and chosen gender marker
• The student will have access to the PE class that they feel most comfortable with. If the student does not feel comfortable in either PE class we can find alternatives such as an online PE course
• The student will have access to the restroom and locker room in which they feel most comfortable and safe. Students cannot be denied access to facilities that are in line with their gender identity.
• We can coordinate and ensure that the administration and staff at the student’s school are provided diversity training about sex/gender diverse students

For more information, contact Laura Hernandez at

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