Hi I’m Liz, I grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Las Vegas when I was 26. I’m a mother of two amazing kids from my first marriage. I’ve spent a lot of my life lying to myself and others.

I knew I was trans when I was 11 or 12 but wasn’t in a welcoming environment to coming out so I tried to deny it, even change it for years. I came out when I was 30 after contemplating killing myself. It’s a hard journey but to be able to say I’m happy with myself has made it worth it. I tried monogamous relationships because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do and it never really felt right. I am Polyamorous as it was more freeing and feels right, I have two partners, I enjoy working to make them happy in various ways. Both also make me happy in different ways and in some of the same ways. I’m pansexual because I’ve come learn that my attraction to men or women growing up wasn’t really confusing on that notion but rather I didn’t see the concept of gender as something that drove my attraction.

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