As our diverse trans*, intersex, and gender nonconforming communities become more visible, it is imperative that we are more vocal regarding the quality of service we receive around the Las Vegas valley. We at Gender Justice Nevada invite you to share your stories about the kind of care you have received or are receiving from a variety of providers around the valley. Types of providers can include, but are not limited to: medical staff (endocrinologists, nurses, dentists, etc), employers/employment agencies, mechanics, restaurants, any place you frequent often and receive some sort of service.

Guidelines For Rating & Suggesting A Provider


1) Please only write about your direct experience(s). Though we appreciate that information about a provider is commonly shared by word-of-mouth, sharing someone else's experience shifts the power of the experience away from the individual; please encourage others to share their stories on here. Also, there is no "wrong" way to share your experience here.

2) At a minimum, please include type of service and name of provider, along with your experience. If possible, we encourage you to share other details about the provider such as valley location(s), contact information, and perhaps how regularly you receive services from this provider. This information is useful for others trying to decide on a provider because they can more easily search for what they need. More details also allows us as an organization to help support providers treating our communities well while also reaching out to those providers not doing such a great job.

3) Be your authentic self. In the end, just having your voice on here is a wonderful thing and any part of your experience(s) that you are able and willing to share helps in amazing ways.