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Transitions and Transformations

“Mom, I think you need to take me to a psychiatric hospital. There’s something wrong with me.”

Rebekah felt like she’d been punched in the gut when her fifteen-year-old “daughter” spoke those heartbreaking words. She was doing everything she could to help Reese battle the depression that overshadowed their family, but she felt like she was failing as a parent.

“You don’t need a hospital, sweetie,” she told Reese. “But maybe we can talk to someone.”

Rebekah got online with Reese, and together they searched for a therapist. When they stumbled upon the picture and the profile of a marriage and family therapist from Gender Justice Nevada, Reese knew they’d found the right person.

“That one. That’s who I want to talk to.”

Reese met with jane heenan alone for several sessions before Rebekah was invited to participate. When jane sat down with Rebekah and told her that Reese was a transgender boy, Rebekah was confused and defensive.

“Shut the fuck up! Don’t tell me what my child is!” she yelled.

At jane’s suggestion, Rebekah started attending regular sessions with Reese. After six months of family therapy, Rebekah had an epiphany that forever changed her life and her relationship with Reese.

“I have a son!”

Rebekah beams when she talks about the impact that jane and Gender Justice Nevada have had on her family. She doesn’t know where life is going to take them, but she knows they’d still be lost if not for GJNV.

More than 40,000 sex/gender diverse people like Reese live in Southern Nevada, and many of them aren’t as lucky as he was. Some are ostracized from their families altogether. Others face harassment and discrimination, sometimes daily. Chronic depression and PTSD are serious problems for transgender people who live in hostile environments, and the suicide rate for those who don’t feel supported as they make honest changes in their lives is significantly higher than for those who have a strong support system.

GJNV’s mission is to be that support system for transgender, intersex, and other sex/gender diverse adults, youth and families. We offer a host of no-fee services, including:

  • Individual and family counseling and professionally-led support groups
  • Help with transition-related needs in schools, hospitals and workplaces
  • Legal services pertaining to employment discrimination and health insurance denials
  • Identity document changes, such as name and sex/gender markers on driver’s licenses
  • Training for medical, educational and legal professionals
  • Advocacy for statutory and policy changes in public spaces.

Over the past six years, GJNV has served hundreds people like Rebekah and Reese, but there are so many more people who need these crucial services. With your generous assistance, we can expand our reach and provide support for those who desperately need it. And because we’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donation is tax deductible.

We rely on the generosity of people like you. Without your help, people like Rebekah and Reese would struggle alone. Please help us support sex/gender diverse people so no one has to suffer needlessly.

– From your favorite snowflakes at Gender Justice Nevada

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