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My life and my family’s life changed vary drastically about a year and a half ago.  My oldest child came out as a trans person and we all were at a lost on what to do or how to find help. There are no words that I can use to possibly explain what they have done for my family and me. They gave use(ful) knowledge and answers to all our questions and . . . also supported us with my child’s rights at school, medical needs and legal matters. I have no clue what we would have done with out them!
– Meaghan

We at Gender Justice Nevada (a 501(c)3 organization) are seeking your donation to support the only organization in Nevada providing effective, inclusive and experienced services to sex/gender diverse adults, youth and their families.

Over the past three years, we have offered no-cost services to over 400 sex/gender diverse adults, young persons and their families in many ways:

* Advocacy and support for sex/gender diverse students transitioning in schools and their families
* Legal services such as name changes, workplace discrimination and health insurance denials
*Public policy advocacy such as removing Nevada requirement for court order when changing birth certificates
* Professionally-led groups and licensed counseling at no cost
* Training for education, medical and legal professionals
* Submitting a truly inclusive conversion therapy bill to ban harmful treatment regarding sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and intersex genital mutilation
* Partnering with Nevada Department of Education to create model policy in support of sex/gender diverse students

Here’s what some other persons have to say:

Gender Justice Nevada has enlightened my husband & I regarding several issues (legal & personal) that our transitioning son has and will be facing. Every interaction I have with GJNV has been informative and heartfelt. We finally feel like someone has our back in regards to this challenging life process. Thank you!
– Deborah and Tim

One year ago, we were searching for help navigating legal, medical and emotional assistance for our trans-identified son. We found caring and helpful assistance from the people at Gender Justice Nevada. Thanks to the help and support we found, we have been able to help our son change his name and gender marker, access medical care, and become a more empowered, happy, well-adjusted young man. We were happy to find this organization, and appreciate the support they give to the transgender community.
– Jake & Shannon

No one else in Nevada offers the effective, inclusive and experienced services that we do at Gender Justice Nevada.  Your donation will help sex/gender diverse adults, youth and their families thrive as they learn they are not alone and can lead authentic lives.   

Please give generously in support of sex/gender diverse youth and families!! Together we can take a stand in these difficult days!!